Every Garand that I know of has arrived with a loose barrel at the end.

Well fret no more about that, here is a simple step by step guide on how to fix that.

1) Get your gun and the tools needed to take it apart. screwdriver, and the Hex keys that came with your gun.

2) Take the trigger assembly out then remove the lower wooden stock.

3) Then remove the slide, the screw is circled in the picture. then remove the wooden piece that is right above it. It is simple to remove, you just need a flat head screwdriver. It will just pop right off.

4) In the picture the arrow is pointing to a piece of metal that you need to loosen, There are 2 screws holding it in place, take them out.

5) Now you can tighten your barrel. Turn your barrel left to tighten. Now, that your barrel is tight, the end of your gun has probably shifted. Just loosen this screw:

And adjust the end of your rifle till its proper. Then reassemble your gun.

If anyone is curious what the Garand looks like mostly disassembled:

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