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The WW2AA was formed in the spring of 2003 when it was apparent that both local airsofters and WWII re-enactors were interested in playing WWII themed scenarios using airsoft weapons. Both hobbies have unique things to offer, and when combined, can provide an exhilarating gaming experience that both entertains and educates its participants.

Are you an airsofter who has just heard about WW2 Airsoft? Read this Message to airsofters CLICK HERE

Are you a WW2 reenactor who is interested in airsoft? Read this Message to Reenactors CLICK HERE

What the Association Offers

The WW2AA offers the following services to its membership:

  • A common clearing-house of information on both re-enactment and airsoft gear.
  • Security in knowing that all those attending a WWII Airsoft event have agreed to abide by the safety rules set forth the Bylaws, and Participation agreement.
  • Message boards to discuss the development of WWII Airsoft, it's gear, equipment, and the planning of events.

How to use this site

The main purpose of the site is to bring WW2 airsoft reenactors together, Our message board is the main place to communicate. You can also find out what airsoft weapons to get, rather than risk getting one of the many rip off cheepo knockoffs that clog ebay and some stores. Many of the airsofters who want to do WW2 have no clue where to start, this is the place, you will save allot of time and money by doing your research here first.

What we require of you!

Do your homework, be proactive, this is a very friendly environment, that means don't go to the boards to start fights, if you do, you will be banned instantly. Use common sense. Be a good sport, and remember, WW2 is OVER! The people who reenact German soldiers are NOT racist supremacists hell bent on ruining the world.


Further information

Bylaws of the WW2AA Click here

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