Here is where we cover the airsoft guns that WW2AA recommends for realistic, balanced, tactical combat. For each type of gun used in the conflict, we chose the all round best airsoft version available. There are TONS of WW2 airsoft guns out there, Some are really fantastic, others are total crap. We cant cover them all... BUT, We STRONGLY recommend you chose one of the guns listed here, otherwise you may be EXTREMELY disappointed when you attend a WW2 airsoft event. Custom guns, and Light machineguns are not listed here because they are extremely expensive and complicated, not recommended for someone just getting into this hobby.

TONS of Guns available!! but not all recommended

WW2AA recommended guns: Beginners have Many Choices, for allies Get an electric gun either the CYMA/Tokyo Marui Thompson or Echo1 BAR. Germans get the AGM MP40 or MP44. These guns are cheap, dependable and work all year around.You really should have one of these to start out. If the gun you want isnt one of these 4, you are looking to spend a lot more money, or maintenance... You have been warned.
We strongly recomend that after you are familair with airsoft guns that you buy a rifle, almost all soldiers carried one on all fronts!

Allied Weapons

Thompson (Electric)Various Makers
M1 Carbine (Gas / Co2)Marushin
M1 Garand (Gas / Electric)Various Makers
B.A.R. (Electric)Various Makers
1897 Trench Gun(Gas)Tanaka
Colt 1911(Gas / Co2)Various Makers
M2 Grease Gun(Gas / Electric)Various Makers
MKII Sten(Electric) AGM
PPSH(Electric)Various Makers
Tokarev T-33(Gas)Various Makers

Axis Weapons

MP40(Gas / Electric)Various Makers
MP44(Gas / Electric)Various Makers
Kar98k(Gas / Co2 / Spring)Various Makers
Browning High Power(Gas)Tanaka

Many more guns out there.


Bellow are some of the RARE Guns We Don't know much about, so we don't recommend them.
M712 (Marushin HFC)
Mauser HSC
Nambu (Marushin)
PPK (marushin, Umarex?)
MP41 (SRC)

Asahi Mg34

Asahi mp40


Jac Thompson

LS Sten gun

KTW Springfeild

KTW Enfeild

KTW Mosin Nagat

Tanaka Type 99

Smokey's Sten gun

Smokey's M1 garand

Smokeys mp18
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