Totally clueless? If you dont know about Airsoft, These are highly detailed replicas of real guns that shoot projectiles on full and semi auto. Effective range is usually 120 feet, 200+ for higher end guns. The plastic bbs these guns shoot are VERY Safe (these guns are MADE to shoot people) However eye protection must be worn! Unlike blank fire reenactments, you can actually hit targets which makes a universe of difference for tactical battles. However the guns arent nearly as loud as the real ones, So they are not recommended for public display reenactment events.


Be sure to read through all the information we have here on our site, before you go on our forums and ask people questions. This will make everyone like you!

As you probably already know, just about every firearm known to man has been replicated as an Airsoft BB gun.

The purpose of this site, is to describe and review, all that is available to those persons interested in recreating World War Two era tactical battles with Airsoft guns.

We will also cover maintenance and upgrades of these Airsoft replica. NOTHING IS FOR SALE ON THIS SITE!!!!, Check the marketplace section of the Message board, if your feeling thrifty, But WW2AA is not responsible for transactions there!

When playing Airsoft, you must wear eye protection, if you take your airsoft gun out in public, you will and rightfully, should be shot or arrested by police.

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