Some of you have never heard, or know very little about historical reenacting, well go check out www.reenactor.net if you need to, its a really cool hobby that's been around for a long time. In WW2 reenacting, The combatants, use REAL guns, and shoot blanks at each other. This can sound and look pretty damn realistic. But what happens when you don't notice someone shooting at you, well you don't die because your not going to call yourself hit. This is the biggest flaw in reenacting, It's still allot of fun, but the tactical bit takes a turn for the stupid, when a company sized unit cant get by a couple stragglers who just have no clue how much fire is being directed at them. This is why airsoft could be the perfect solution for Reenactors who want more realistic tactical battles!

Some of you might think, Reenacting is silly, why wear all that gear?, it's so heavy.... These people need to figure out what attracted them to airsoft in the first place, why are they spending money on ultra realistic airsoft guns, and then just playing and dressing like a paintball player? Realism is our edge on all other military combat simulations in the world!! I like realism, When I have a marui Thompson, I want to look just Like Capt. Miller from Saving Private Ryan!!!! Admittedly a reenactment kit can cost a ton of money. But there are ways to save$$$ I've become really good at putting together complete uniforms with all the correct gear for cheap, if your thinking of getting into it, email me. Or locate a local unit that is participating in WW2 airsoft gaming. Or wait till you see us in the field!!! Then you will want to do it!


In general, we have seen allot more airsofters join our WW2 airsoft group than "Blank fire" WW2 reenactors. It seems it has allot to do with the realism. Traditional reenactors don't need to take cover, or run to a position of importance. They often shoot from the hip instead of aiming, and in sad cases go to events more for the drinking than anything else. While we expect to get some refugees from the "blank fire" scene. We appreciate the massive interest the open minded, airsoft players show for WW2 airsoft. Perhaps you've been running around with you m4 for so long, your starting to burn out. Typical airsoft games are rag tag bunches of people who literally look like Militia members in paintball masks, hosing each other down with bbs weekend after weekend. I got sick of it, how bout you?... Welcome to WORLD WAR TWO AIRSOFT!!!

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