OK, so you probably know very little about airsoft, so Ill make this as brief as possible. These Japanese guns shoot large plastic bbs about 100 to 175 feet. Even at point blank, they will NOT break the skin, they are safer than paintballs! In most cases they are near perfect replicas of real guns. They are powered in many different ways: gas, electric, pump, and compressed air, etc. Some guns are easy to get, some are Very rare. Full auto, semi auto, bolt action, its all available. And more ww2 guns are coming out all the time!


The bbs won't ruin uniforms, unlike like paintball, which would make that WW2 kit of yours a rainbow colored mass, ready for the trash after one game! Both paintball and airsoft are games that require you to score a hit on your target. This is why the two hobbies are easy to compare to each other. But paintballs are heavy, so they don't have much range, they are also fragile capsules of paint that seen to blow up inside your gun more than they do outside the gun! most importantly to the reenactor, the guns used in paintball could never be made to look anything like a ww2 gun. Anyway this isn't about paintball. You don't need to wear face masks, shooting glasses do fine. Are you sick of people not taking hits? Well, now you can really pepper them into the realization that they are hit!!!! I don't think airsoft could ever replace reenacting, But I think it will really be popular with those of us into Tactical combat, not the civil war style clashes at the Gap, but the "HOLY #$%#$ GET DOWN! SOMETHING JUST WHIZZED BY MY HEAD!!" type of military simulation that really gets blood pumping! Keep reading.


If your a reenactor, you've already put together a painfully$$$ expensive kit, well now you can double your fun, go spend $250 to 350 on an airsoft gun, the magazines will fit in your pouches, Your sling will fit the airsoft gun, the airsoft pistol will fit your holster, buy a $5 pair of shooting glasses, ITS that easy!!!!. I've worn my WW2 kit playing airsoft many times now, its fun!! the guns are here, we just need players!!! try it!!!!! check out this page and get an idea of what is available. This is the first step into an awesome new branch to an already awesome hobby! SEE YOU IN THE FIELD!!!


WW2 reenacting is pretty damn realistic. But what happens when you don't notice someone shooting at you, well you don't die because your not going to call yourself out for no reason. It's not that your a cheater, its just that you just don't know someone 50 feet from you has just blown a whole magazine off at you. This is the biggest flaw in reenacting, It's still allot of fun, but the tactical bit takes a turn for the stupid as soon as the first round is fired. When a company sized unit can't get by a couple stragglers who just have no clue how much fire is being directed at them, its really frustrating. (I've seen this happen many times). I've reenacted for 10 years now, the hobby is great, Im not out to bust it, I just want everyone who has an interest in a more tactically involved version of their hobby, to know about airsoft!

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