HFC 134a


ALL Japanese airsoft pistols and rifles in our guide are made to use HFC134a gas ONLY. Stronger gases like the popular "Green gas" sold by airsoft stores must NOT be used. Though airsoft stores will often try to sell the gas, you must resist! "Green Gas" is a cheap Taiwanese alternative that causes excessive wear, shock damage, unsafe velocities, and erratic functioning. Often the hammer on Japanese airsoft guns can't even push the valve far enough for full function, when there is green gas in the gun. We have seen guns explode in peoples hands from green gas. Japanese guns that have used the gas often never work properly with 134a again.

What is HFC 134a?

HFC 134a gas is what makes the air conditioning work in your car, it's not the old R12 stuff that ruins the environment, its 100% environmentally friendly. This gas can cause frost bite very quickly, so it's recommended you wear gloves when working with it. The gas is available at good airsoft retailers, and if you are mechanically inclined, you can make an adapter so you can use automotive hfc134a gas that's sold at any auto parts store. This is much cheaper and will insure a steady supply of the gas, rather than praying it comes in the mail in time for a game.

If you want to see how to make the filler adapter, click below.

Hfc134a filler tool, How to make it, get you gas at any auto parts store!!! Click here

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